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Application Process

Sixpence Grants range from $75,000-$150,000 with a 100% match from the local community. Matching dollars can be existing federal, state or local dollars, private, or in-kind resources. School districts who partner with at least one other community-based entity to serve at risk children birth to three are eligible to submit proposals.

A panel of professionals knowledgeable in early childhood care and education will review and score applications. Recommendations from the external panel will be provided to the Sixpence Board of Trustees for approval and ultimate selection.

Special Note: Applicants for the August 2013 RFP
Successful applicants for the second round (August RFP) of 2013 Sixpence grants will have their grant awards pro-rated by six months. They will submit a budget covering January through June, 2014, and thereafter conform to the conventional July through June Sixpence cycle.

Very young children learn through play and discovery. These early experiences lay the groundwork for all future social, emotional and intellectual development.