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Nebraska Growing Readers

Nebraska Growing Readers for Early Childhood Professionals

As a childcare provider, you are in a position to support families in promoting early literacy and in laying the earliest foundations for children's interest in reading. Children who are read to at an early age are more likely to recognize letters, recognize words by sight, and understand words in context when they reach preschool age. These interactions also provide an important means for parents and educators to build the attentive, affectionate bonds with young children that facilitate brain development.

Through Nebraska Growing Readers, you have the opportunity to establish a book garden in your community and provide your families with free books that are age-appropriate and culturally and linguistically relevant. 

How It Works

If you are a licensed Family I, Family II, or Center-based Nebraska childcare provider, you can start your Growing Reader journey by completing the registration form.



Registered providers:

  • Will receive monthly shipments of books (through end of 2024 or as long as funding lasts).
  • Can promote the Growing Reader program to families so that they can pick up books to read at home.
  • Use our resources to create events that share the benefits of Nebraska Growing Readers with families and the community.
  • Find books in the Nebraska Growing Readers library provided by Unite for Literacy that you can read or listen to aloud in a variety of languages.

Provider Resources