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Sixpence Expansion Grants 

Enhanced investments in Nebraska’s infants and toddlers was included in the state budget bill for FY2021/22–FY2022/23. LB 342 increases the annual general fund appropriations by $2.5 million per year to the Nebraska Early Childhood Education Endowment Fund—more commonly known as the Sixpence Early Learning Funds

Currently, Sixpence funds 40 Nebraska School Districts throughout the state, who work in partnership with various organizations, agencies and service providers in supporting the healthy cognitive, social-emotional and physical development of children from the prenatal period through age 3, especially those most likely to encounter developmental obstacles early in life.

In response the new funding source, the Sixpence Board of Trustees are releasing a ten question survey to collect information on the interest for new or existing Sixpence programs.  

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Helen and Ron Raikes honored with Abbott Award

Helen Raikes, Willa Cather Professor of Child, Youth and Family Studies (CYAF), and her late husband, former Nebraska State Senator Ron Raikes, were recognized Oct. 10 with the Grace Abbott Award from the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation.

The award honors the Raikes vision for the Sixpence Early Learning Fund, which for 10 years has brought high-quality early childhood education to vulnerable families in Nebraska. Helen and Ron worked hand in hand to fight for additional funding for early childhood education in Nebraska.

“It’s hard not to be convinced about the importance of the early years,” says Helen. “Everything that follows builds on these early beginnings. Children lacking the experiences [stimulation, nutrition, and emotional support] during these early years show up to kindergarten significantly behind their peers, and most studies show they do not catch up. Moreover, it seems most moral to remove barriers to give children a chance to fulfill their genetic potential. Shouldn’t every child have this opportunity?”

Broken Bow's Sixpence collaboration shows how multiple local partners can work together seamlessly to advance the early learning and development of infants and toddlers in central Nebraska.

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