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Sixpence Grants and Locations

Family Engagement/Home Visiting Programs

Family engagement/home visiting programs match families with experienced professionals who are trained to help parents prepare for, and guide the early development of their children. Home visiting specialists model techniques for nurturing relationships with infants and toddlers, and help parents become more effective at monitoring children’s health and other developmental needs.

  • Professionals often enable parents to connect to an extended network of support services and may even help them plan for and pursue their personal goals so they can become more capable and confident providers for their households.
  • Sixpence-funded programs prioritize responsiveness to the strengths, values and culture of the families they serve.
  • Family engagement/home visiting services can be delivered in a wide variety of settings such as community centers, schools, or other venues.


High-quality home visiting programs can improve outcomes for children and families, particularly those that face added challenges such as teen or single parenthood, maternal depression, and lack of social and financial supports.




Nearly all participating families met or exceeded high-quality targets for the degree of engagement during home visits.




The majority of family engagement specialists met the target standards set for high-quality professional practice.