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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to Know Sixpence

What is Sixpence?

Sixpence is a public-private partnership funded with $40 million from the state and an additional $20 million from the private sector. The earnings generated from the public-private dollars are deposited periodically throughout the year into a Cash Fund. They are used primarily for grants to school districts to provide services for infants and toddlers who are most at risk of school failure. Building on the original grantees' success, the Nebraska legislature allocated additional funding in 2013 and 2016 to expand Sixpence programs.

How did Sixpence begin?

In 2006, LB1256 was passed by the Nebraska Legislature, establishing the Nebraska Early Childhood Education Endowment Grant Program to serve children birth to age three. In 2007, to increase name recognition and ease-of-use, the "Nebraska Early Childhood Education Endowment Grant Program" was rebranded "Sixpence."

How does Sixpence funding work?

Every $1 private contribution is matched by $2 from the public sector. That $3 investment is then matched by the local community which receives the grant – thus a $6 investment for every $1 of private monies.