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Sixpence Grants and Locations


No single early learning program or service model can address the unique challenges facing individual families with infants and toddlers at risk statewide. This is why Sixpence funds locally-designed and managed partnerships that are highly responsive  to the early learning needs of families where they live. Each Sixpence-funded partnership consists of the community school district working closely with organizations, agencies and service providers who match their grant award through local funds and resources.

Types of Sixpence Grants

While each Sixpence-funded partnership is unique and specifically designed to meet local needs, all are supported through three general grant models:


Family Engagement/Home-Based Services: These programs match families with skilled professionals trained to model and coach parents in high-quality, developmentally positive interactions with their youngest children. Family engagement professionals are trained in early education practice, are skilled in assessing and addressing specific developmental challenges in young children, and help parents grow as effective, resilient caregivers and teachers.


Center-Based Services: Sixpence funds center-based programs partnered with local school systems that follow proven curricula, emphasize parent involvement, maintain appropriate adult-to-child ratios, and reflect staff requirements similar to those endorsed by the Nebraska Department of Education. Programs funded through Sixpence offer part- and full-day care throughout the academic year and participate in Step Up to Quality, Nebraska's childcare quality and rating system.


School-Childcare Partnerships: Sixpence makes it possible for schools to create early learning partnerships with a wider range of independent childcare providers in their communities. The new partnerships enable more center- and home-based childcare providers to benefit from Sixpence funding and resources, connect these providers to program supports through Step Up to Quality, and increase the availability of developmentally positive, year-round childcare opportunities.