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Child Outcomes

Child Outcomes

During the 2018-19 Sixpence evaluation, independent researchers measured children's outcomes across multiple developmental domains. These included children's emerging social-emotional capabilities as well as language comprehension and production, pre-literacy and mathematics skills, and other fundamental competencies. All play a critical role in children's preparedness to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Strong Developmental Outcomes

Every Sixpence annual evaluation measures how participating children reflect accepted benchmarks for typically developing infants and toddlers. Analysis shows that, even though Sixpence children often face exceedingly serious developmental hazards, the majority of them approach age-level expectations across a range of developmental domains.

Social-Emotional Gains

Competencies for Lifelong Success: Children at risk often face serious obstacles to their ability to regulate their emotions, work and play cooperatively with others and develop healthy social relationships—all critical factors of success in school and society. 76% of the infants and toddlers at risk served by Sixpence showed statistically significant gains in their social-emotional competencies over the evaluation year. [Instrument: Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA)]

Nationally Competitive Outcomes: The average scores of children in Sixpence-funded programs on social-emotional measurement scales were as much as 9 points above the national average. [Instrument: Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA)]



The majority of infants and toddlers participating in Sixpence programs demonstrate remarkably strong outcomes across a broad range of developmental domains, despite the presence of serious, often multiple risk factors in their lives. These factors are known to degrade healthy neural architecture, skill formation, and mental and physiological health.

The fact that so many Sixpence children approach the developmental benchmarks set by infants and toddlers from more advantaged circumstances demonstrates the value and effectiveness of Sixpence community investments.